Rock Hill Mayoral Race

If you’re like me all elections are exciting, but the mayoral race has been exciting by any standards. On October 17th only 50 votes separated William “Bump” Roddey from John Gettys. With Duane Christopher coming in a distant third, Roddey did not pass the 50% plus one vote required to win the election outright. Tonight, Rock Hill will have its first new mayor since Doug Echols took office in 1998.

Normally with a race this close I would point you to bellwether precincts so we can ease our nerves while returns come in. Today’s election isn’t going to shake out like that. Rock Hill’s new mayor is going to be election based on voter turnout and voter turnout alone. Each candidate is relying on turnout from three or four precincts to get the needed votes. Check back later for more information about what precincts we should keep an eye on while results come in, and as always, click below to see live results.

Mayoral Race Rock Hill Ward 5