Getty’s Base

Now that we see how important turnout is in tonight’s election let’s see who Gettys is relying on to become Rock Hill’s next mayor. Like Roddey, Gettys relied on a few precincts for a large chunk of his votes. Let’s see which precincts do the heavy lifting for Gettys:

Now, let’s address an obvious question first, “it looks like 9.78% of his votes came from ‘absentee’. What does that mean?” When results are reported people who vote absentee show up as their own precinct. We have no idea where those voters actually live. What does this mean for Gettys? It’s unclear.

One possibility, the Gettys campaign has a well-organized get out the vote operation that successfully educated people about absentee voting. That organization could translate into an effective GOTV effort today.

The other possibility, with only two weeks between the general election and the runoff Gettys may not be able to coordinate the absentee votes. If we see similar numbers when the absentee votes are counted Gettys will be in a very strong position for the rest of the night.

Remember to watch the elections right here, as they are counted. Just click on the links below:

Mayoral Results     Ward 5 Results