Hello Everyone, sorry for the mess, but I didn’t expect guests so soon. After years of saying someone ought to do something I’ve finally decided to do it. Thanks to the generosity and leadership of Bebs Chorak I’ve started York County Citizens for Change (I’m calling it the YCCC). The YCCC is a non-candidate committee in South Carolina that supports Democratic candidates.

My first goal is to give money directly to candidates. I know this sounds crazy, but we can not vote for Democrats if no Democrats are on the ballot. I want to be the first contribution to candidates who answer the call to run for office. Most people are surprised to find out the county party does not support candidates with direct contributions. Even more people are surprised to find out SCDP does not contribute to campaigns either. My goal is to be on the forefront of early contributions.

My second goal is to run smarter campaigns. We have the best volunteers anyone can ask for. There is no shortage of excitement or commitment, but every election I see a new campaign trying to reinvent the wheel and struggle with the same problems. We do not know how to reach Democrats. When we do know who to call, VAN has an outdated phone number. Every campaign starts a social media campaign from zero. We have to do better.

To that end, I hope to validate the phone numbers in VAN. I want to develop a smarter data management system, and I want to integrate social media data with our campaign strategies. To do all that I need your help. The donate now button goes to an Act Blue page where you can support local candidates.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you on the campaign trail